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Best of ….

Best of 2016

The Failed Rehabilitation of Rudy Giuliani

Economies Change

Ralph Nader’s Conscience

It’s Not the Economy, Stupid!

A Parable of Pete Wilson and Prop 187

Bad Guy with a Gun

Buy Low, Sell High

Breaking the Gender Barrier

Race Still Matters

Electoral Integrity

Philadelphia Apologizes

Confirm Justice Garland

Best of 2015

I  Am a Muslim

Bad Apples

“Under God’s Authority”

Our Greatest Ex-President

The Legal Right to Marry

Racial Wallpaper

Appeals Court Says “No” to the NSA

Houthis and ISIS

Ben Carson is an Idiot

Pieces of Silver

Best of 2014

Cuba Libre

Social Death

2014 Midterms


The Wrong War

Reagan Appointee Vindicates Marriage Equality

I Spy

Boat People

Things Change: From Man Purses to Tattoos

What a Long Way to Go

Clarence Thomas’s New Old South

Best of 2013

Ask Not

Mormons, ENDA and Perdition

Free Advocacy Versus Equal Say

Booker to the Senate

How to Un-Wreck the Train

Mayor-Elect-to-Be de Blasio

NSA Surveillance and Americans’ Dislike of Nuance

Women in High Places

Zimmerman Acquitted, Justice Indicted

The Supreme Court Hall of Fame

Blue States Give, Red States Take

Replacing Mike Bloomberg

Two Weeks in Beijing

Of Prejudice

Of Lemmings, And Cliffs


Best of 2012

How Many More?

Michigan Enacts “Right to Work” Law

Obama Wins

The Elephant in the (War) Room

“Binders Full of Women”

Free Speech, Stupid Movies, and American Values

E Pluribus Unum

Post-Supreme Court Thoughts on Obamacare

All Hail the Commerce Clause

Roberts to the Rescue; Ginsburg the Great

Romney, Obama at NALEO

Race Matters

Barack Obama, Mario Cuomo, Ed Koch and Executive Orders

Raise My Taxes – I Want to be Rich

After 31 Years, Danny and John Get Married








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