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How Many More?

October 1, 2015

Since September 11, 2001, mass-murderers with legal assault weapons have killed more Americans than have been killed by Islamic terrorists. We have spent trillions fighting Islamic terrorists but we can’t bring ourselves to ban assault weapons or limit the size of magazines that feed bullets to those weapons.

The American Right is willing to defund one of our most important health care providers for the poor, Planned Parenthood, because that organization performs abortions, but is unwilling to take any significant action at all to control access to assault weapons. There is no measure too extreme in the Right’s crusade against a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion, but there is no measure acceptable to the Right to protect against the proliferation of military weaponry. The Right pleads the Second Amendment in defense of its paralysis on guns, but is utterly unphased by the Fourteenth Amendment source of the right to abortion.

Today another nutcase on another campus in another state took at least 10 lives with a weapon that would not be available to civilians in a rational society. But when it comes to firearms, we are not a rational society.

Ten dead in Oregon.

Ten dead in Oregon.

How many more?

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