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Election Night 2012

November 7, 2012

All in all, it was a good election night for liberals. The big news of course is President Obama’s re-election.  Democrats actually added seats in the Senate.  And same-sex marriage advocates ran the board on five state-wide referendums.

I can’t think of a better summary than what I said last February:

“Obama is about to win re-election despite the worst recession in 80 years, despite an aloof and distant personality, despite being the first African-American in the job, despite having a foreign-sounding name, and despite a continuing war in Afghanistan and an ambiguously concluded war in Iraq. Barack Obama is going to be re-elected despite all of that because the Republican Party is intellectually and politically bankrupt.”

I’ve divided my discussion of last night’s electoral results into three posts, which I’ve collected under a new category called “Election Day 2012” under “Politics Posts.”  You can link to all three of them from this post.

The first post is about the presidential election, which you can link to here.

The second post is about the United States Senate elections, which you can link to here.

The last post is about the four same-sex marriage referendums, plus a fifth voter referendum on retention of a state supreme court justice who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage rights.  You can link to that post here.

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