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Jon Stewart on Republicans on Contraception

February 15, 2012

I am a huge Jon Stewart fan.  I think The Daily Show is one of the best news commentary shows on TV.  I know, The Daily Show is on Comedy Central, and Jon Stewart is a comedian.  Still.

Stewart specializes in parody, which is why he’s such a good news commentator.  To set up a parody, you have to start out by telling viewers what happened, so they get the joke when you make fun of what happened.

I think Stewart is at his best when he’s making fun of some ridiculous position taken in all seriousness – usually by Republicans, frequently on Fox TV.  So I absolutely loved this segment, where Stewart takes on the joint Republican and clerical bloviation about President Obama’s plan for providing insurance coverage for contraception.  Along the way, Stewart uses the contraception point to wreak destruction on the right-wing received wisdom that Obama is engaged in a war on Christianity, or on religion generally.

The segment makes two points, one that should be trivial and one that is all too serious.  The first is that there is no war on religion in the United States.  The second is that people who say there is a war on religion in the United States are wing-nuts who have no right ever to be taken seriously.

And the segment is high-larious.  Check the pause before the picture of the ice cream Nazi appears:  perfect comic timing; exquisite comic genius.


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